9th TACCLE IST-course in Italy (2 – 8 April 2017)


TACCLE IST COURSE 2017: Creating your own e-learning content in vocational education and training (VET) and in adult educationErasmus+ logo

With this 9th in-service training which will run from 02 until 08 April 2017 in Fano, Italy; our aim is to help teachers to develop state of the art content for e-learning in general and for learning environments in particular. We try to achieve this by training teachers to create e-learning materials and raising their awareness of e-learning in general. TACCLE will help to establish a culture of innovation in the schools in which they work. The training is geared to the needs of the classroom teachers but teacher trainers, ICT support staff and resource centre staff may find it useful too!

This course is not aimed at advanced users of ICT.

The course programme

Day 1 (02/04/2017)

Arrival, welcome, getting to know each other, dinner

Day 2 (03/04/2017)
9:00 Welcome + ice breaker
10:00 A class blog/portfolio with WordPress
11:00 Break
11:25 A class blog/portfolio with WordPress
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Audio in your (online) courses
16:00 Break
16:15 Social bookmarking

Day 3 (04/04/2017)
9:00 Online Video: manage, tweak & share
11:00 Break
11:25 Online Video: create & communicate
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Learning design + scenario building
16:00 Break
16:15 Feedback & reflection

Day 4 (05/04/2017)
9:00 Xerte: say what!?
11:00 Break
11:25 Xerte: Let’s go interactive
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Xerte: Let’s go interactive
15:30 Guided visit

Day 5 (06/04/2017)
9:00 Xerte: Wanna play?
11:00 Break
11:25 Xerte: Completing your learning object
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Xerte: publish & share
15:00 Media literacy
16:00 Break
16:15 Feedback & reflection

Day 6 (07/04/2017)
9:00 Boost creativity with social media
11:00 Break
11:25 Boost creativity with social media
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Wild card (digital storytelling, augmented reality, …)
15:00 Professional Learning Network
15:30 Evaluation + possibilities for further European cooperation

Day 7 (08/04/2017)
09:00 Excursion Marche region (Urbino) by bus: using ICT to map an educational visit – Course evaluation
15:00 End of the course – Bus stops at the airport – Departure

In case you don’t have a flight on Saturday afternoon, an extra night at the hotel will be offered.


Jeroen Hendrickx, Head of e-learning CVO Antwerp, Glenn Vermeiren Head of Department business management at CVO Antwerpen

Participation fee

1345 Euro (925 Euro for full board en-suite accommodation in single rooms in Hotel*** Angela + 420 Euro for tuition and course materials). All meals and drinks are included. For lunch we go to different local Italian restaurants each evening. For both participation fee and travel expenses to Italy you can use Erasmus+ KA1 grant money if your school or institutions has received such funding (and if your not from Italy).

How to apply for KA1 grants? You cannot apply as an individual, it is your school who needs to apply based on the professionalisation needs of its team. This means a KA1 proposal should start from the ICT professionalisation needs of the teaching team and should propose the TACCLE courses as a way to take care of these needs. You could also apply for other ict-related courses in the same KA 1 grant application for going to an international conference such as BETT for example.

1. Contact your National Agency for details about KA1 and for the grant application form. Applications have to come from your school / institution and can cover several people for different courses or conferences for up to 2 years.
2. Pre-register for the course
3. Hand in your grant application before February 2nd 2016
4. Let us know the result of your applciation in June

How to register once your institution has received KA1 grants? Of course you can also register when you get your funding from other sources than Erasmus+

1. Register by completing an on-line-form.

2. We will contact you in November 2016 with practical information.

3. An invoice  will be sent in January 17

4. You will receive details about the programme, venue and preparations in February

Practical information

Date & Time: Sunday, 02 April 2017, 18h30 — Saturday, 08 April 2017, 15h00
Location: Fano, Italy
Organised in collaboration with Training2000.

Training venue: School:  – Istituto Professionale “Adriano Olivetti”

Depending on the amount of people attending, it is possible that this course could be organised in Urbino instead of in Fano.


This course is published in the School Education Gateway Course Catalogue