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Where I live

Experiment with History Pin.  It’s free! It’s an application where people can put old photographs on a location which are then available for others to see. Creates a historical, visual record of say a street. If there are no pictures of your location, get the kids to go and take some and load them onto  Full Article…


Mini beasts (4-7yrs)

Use flip vid cameras and get children to pretend they are either beetles or butterflies. Beetles take a camera, crawl on their stomachs through grass and film what beetles may see. Butterflies stand up as tall as they can and fly around with the camera, swooping down onto bright flowers etc. Load onto computer and,  Full Article…


Evaluation of Ist project meeting

We decided to do some short interviews with the people who attended the kick-off meeting in Senegalia as part of the ongoing project evaluation. Although Elmo  (as project evaluator) actually carried out the interviews, we thought it might be useful if we all had the opportunity to share the feedback and offer our interpretations as  Full Article…