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Audio Actors.

14+yrs Ease *** Overview: As part of this unit, learners begin to understand the key features of performing on the radio and to experience the roles of researcher, technician, actor, writer, producer, director and SFX manager.   Description: Give learners the opportunity to listen to a professionally produced radio dramatization, we used The Archers  Full Article…


Pinterest Poem

“A work of art is, above all, an adventure of the mind” Overview: Pupils read, perform and document themes and images from a selected poem to enhance the kinaesthetic approach to learning. Each learner/group of learners create a Pinterest board based on a poem of their choice. We used The Lady of Shalott by Alfred  Full Article…


Podomatic Podcasting

Jeanette has been using Podomatic to make podcasts… An extremely simple site to use which guides you through a step-by-step process to create your podcast, as well as providing a separate ‘minicast’ option to create smaller pieces. Here are some possibilities: An interesting way to get students to revise – give groups a topic which they  Full Article…


Xtranormal Ways

Consolidate previous lessons on voice work, character and themes in a set text. Students create an extra scene (for example, in Blood Brothers, they could write the scene in which Mrs. Lyons tells Eddie about Linda’s affair).  They write the dialogue and record their own voice work to present to the class. As an unusual  Full Article…


Wordle Ways (for teaching literature)

Wordles are particularly suited to short activities such as warm-ups or as prerunners/introductions to larger discussions and tasks. They are also an eyecatching way of presenting familiar terms for revision/introduction. Here are some possibilities:     Why not start a class with some wordles made from different Shakespeare tragedies and see if they can guess  Full Article…


Twitter role play

Take an historical context – we used the children who were evacuated from big cities in the UK at the be inning of World War 2 because last year was the International Year of the Evacuees. Tell them who evacuees were and why etc. Look at children’s names that were popular at that time. Kids  Full Article…