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Real-time calculations, statistics and facts.

My Life in Numbers displays real-time calculations using interesting statistics, fun facts and fascinating numbers. The website measures all sorts of events in many different ways. For example the amount of Google searches since the beginning of the day or since the beginning of 2013 or the amount of breaths an average person has taken since  Full Article…


How much water does the ocean contain?

Let the students search on Google Maps to discover if the Earth contains more ocean than land. Explore the water cycle. Ask some questions like ‘Where do you think rain comes from?’, ‘Does it rain every where?’ After students have shared their ideas, they try to find some explanations. In Glogster they will make a  Full Article…


Math resources

Math teachers could find useful tips and tricks on  practical, do-now, mathematics instruction ideas and games  using some of the following resources: Math Class Needs a Makeover Mathematics, Learning and Web 2.0 Mathematics and Multimedia collection of GeoGebra tutorials Numberphile A+ Click Illustrative Mathematics Math Landing Mudd Math Fun Facts A video that cover things like 998,001 and  Full Article…


Behind the scenes

Age: 15 to 18 Goal: The students analyze a rather simple computer game like Pac-Man according to the concepts of object-oriented programming (class, object, instance, method etc.). What you need?: an online-version of the game (e.g. enough computers for the groups Proceedings: 1. Introduction Object-oriented programming concepts UML-diagrams 2. Pupils’ task Study the game  Full Article…