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Fly, fly away

Age: 10 to 12 Goal: Find out about the flyway of the lesser spotted eagle using Google Earth. Description: The pupils should learn about the different landscapes the eagle crosses on its way and categories them. In addition to that they should learn how to use computer technology to gather and process data. What you need:  Full Article…



A lesson plan from Germany where students use web2.0 tools to debate the uses of Nanotechnology. Description: The pupils should decide in groups on the funding of five projects which cover different areas of research. Only three projects can get the funding. How to do it: students are confronted with the complex topic They are  Full Article…



8+yrs Ease *** Overview: This is a twist on the traditional subject project; it is suitable for creating projects on almost any subject e.g. animals, history or Geography or any specific area within these broader subjects e.g. horses, The Romans or India. In this example, learners were investigating beetles. Description: The learners or the teacher  Full Article…


Children of One World

9+yrs Ease *** Overview: This project facilitates learning about the lives in other countries and is especially effective for comparing and contrasting schools in very different countries or localities. To see an example : Description: Firstly, ask learners what they would like to know about a child’s life in another country e.g. “How do  Full Article…