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Around the World in 6 Museums

PROJECT Curricular Areas: History, ICT, Art, Geography Learning Opportunities & Skills: Research, artistic techniques and mediums, group work, interpreting artwork, producing and editing videos and pictures, creating and using QR codes, creating comics. About this Line: Around the World in 6 Museums is an integrated visual arts project where students are invited to go on one or  Full Article…


Escolar Meteorology

Gain Attention:  With this activity you will be able to know about the meteorology in your city, several elements and instruments included in the meteorology and different ways to share this information with people. The main goal is: Measure every day and publish on the Internet the information about the meteorology in your city. In  Full Article…


Physical Activity, Health and Leisure: My training plan.

Gain Attention:  With this activity you will be able to know more about how you can create your personal training plan knowing about your physical condition and your heath state. The main goal is: Evaluate your physical condition and state of health (anthropometry) and do a valuation about it. The workflow is: Students get information  Full Article…


CannonBasket: How to learn maths with a bowl’s cannon

Gain Attention:  With this activity you will be able to create a bowl’s cannon and this tool allows you to deep into angles world and collaborate with others students and schools to share your project. To complete this activity you will have to: Work in a group of four students. Learn to measure and calculate  Full Article…


Ready Steady, Cook!

Age: 4-6yrs Ease **** Overview One of the things that characterizes the place where we live are local recipes and dishes. In this activity, students develop their own traditional recipes based on family tradition and home cooking. Their recipes are uploaded onto a classroom blog. Description: The first step in this activity is to research  Full Article…