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Paint it!

Overview In this activity, students express themselves by using colours and graphic patterns to paint images based on the story they’ve read. They could even work with drawings they’ve created previously. By using Sumo Paint, a free image editor with an easy-to-use online interface, students will perfect the visual description of characters and settings from  Full Article…


Illustrating our Own Tales

Overview In this activity, students will read, interpret and illustrate the most relevant parts of a literary text, in particular a traditional or folk tale. Using on line digital illustration tools (Deviant ARTMURO in this example), they will develop skills in expressing ideas graphically, using a variety of illustration techniques as well as reading and  Full Article…


Animation and Cinema

PROJECT Curricular Areas: Visual Media in Language & Literacy, Art, Music and ICT. Learning Opportunities & Skills: Reading comprehension, creative writing, collaboration, script writing and animation. About this Line: Based on a traditional tale or literary work, this project helps students develop different skills related to the arts and literacy. Students are asked to select, read and interpret a  Full Article…