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Inventions and their inventors in the industrial revolution

Overview Collaborative history lesson for students learning English using Prezi as presentation tool. Description As a warming up activity the students are invited  to turn on their smartphones and launch Kahoot to do a short quiz on the main inventions and inventors of the industrial revolution. Then the teacher presents the Prezi template that he has  Full Article…


Going Live!

Overview Finally, students are encouraged to share their videos with others in order to receive feedback and comments. Giving students an audience is important in order to give their work a context and a tangible goal. Description An essential part of the process is to share the results of the students’ work. It is important  Full Article…


Video Vibes

Overview Students are asked to create a short video clip that expresses the ‘mood’ of the urban area considered through its graffiti – this could include the social, emotional, economical context that the graffiti artist is influenced by. The videos will include the students’ photos, soundtrack and some additional material they consider appropriate e.g. text,  Full Article…


Audacious Audio

Overview Here, students create a soundtrack that they can add to their presentation. We used Audacity to compose and edit their soundtrack. Students create a piece of music that reflects, and add impact to, the theme and content of their presentation. Description In this activity students acquire basic competencies in audio editing. We suggest using  Full Article…


Images and Imagination

Overview In this activity, students experiment with image editing software in order to change and adapt the photographs collected previously. Description The main aim of this activity is to prepare the collected photos as a personal and reflective presentation. We recommend using free online software for image editing like Pixlr. Pixlr is an online photo  Full Article…