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WAW! Where are we today?

Start the day by choosing a city or area with some well known land marks, use Google Earth, project onto whiteboard and zoom down to street level (so that you can still see a few km of the city – depending on the landmarks) then ask the children to guess what city or area it  Full Article…


QR Treasure Hunt

Here is a great idea from Carine from Belgium for introducing new pupils to the school.  It’s really easy – older pupils create an exciting treasure hunt for younger pupils using QR codes that contain clues. Preparation Discuss “What is an app?” This is an opportunity for pupils and teachers to discuss the function and purpose  Full Article…



Make a time line with pictures of dinosaurs using Prezi. With younger children you can construct the template and select the background so that children can ‘drop in’ pictures of dinosaurs they have collected. Older children can do it themselves. Or children can draw the dinosaurs, photograph them and save as jpeg images that you  Full Article…


Where I live

Experiment with History Pin.  It’s free! It’s an application where people can put old photographs on a location which are then available for others to see. Creates a historical, visual record of say a street. If there are no pictures of your location, get the kids to go and take some and load them onto  Full Article…