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Whooping it up!

Here is a particularly gross science experiment we have just done with some 9 year olds.  They absolutely loved it and thought it was the funniest thing ever.  Originally conceived as a genuine scientific investigation (for 2009 Red Nose Day), it is now a great website for engaging  kids and helping them understand about variables,  Full Article…


Taccle2 Primary handbook!

Here is the first downloadable version of the new Taccle2 book ‘E-Learning for Primary Teachers. Taccle2 Primary Book.pdf No more excuses! This is a step-by-step guide to using technology to improve teaching and learning in the classroom. Many of you who use this site regularly are probably pretty e-competent by now but the hand book  Full Article…


Diving into Game-Based Learning

This is a great idea from primary school teacher Ian Addison. He used with 7 to 8 year olds but it could easily be adapted for older children.  I have mentioned Ian in a few other posts – he writes an excellent blog full of interesting stuff he is doing with technology in his own classroom. Check  Full Article…


Going on Safari

We love this idea from Dawn Hallywell, the ICT co-ordinator at Oakdale Junior School, who says.. “We have been using the fantastic Wild Earth African Safari for a couple of weeks in Year 6.  I have had this game at home for a while and both my children love it. Other teachers who have used it  Full Article…


Exploratorium The Web site of San Francisco’s Exploratorium is an excellent resource for kids interested in finding out how the world around them works. Like its meatspace counterpart, the virtual Exploratorium emphasizes scientific discovery through activities and demonstrations, and there is plenty of fun content to keep curious kids engaged.