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Real-time calculations, statistics and facts.

My Life in Numbers displays real-time calculations using interesting statistics, fun facts and fascinating numbers. The website measures all sorts of events in many different ways. For example the amount of Google searches since the beginning of the day or since the beginning of 2013 or the amount of breaths an average person has taken since  Full Article…


10 days of…math tweets

 Description An idea for using twitter to crowd source answers to mathematical questions. In a period of ten days you can ask each student to tweet one question relating to maths or science. The content of the tweet should be a picture (taken somewhere in the student’s neighbourhood) with a question. This way you can  Full Article…


Lead Balloon

Ease **** Overview Learners will further develop their understanding of gravity by comparing weight measurements here on Earth with those on other worlds in our solar system. Learners will be asked to publish a report on their findings. Description Review what learners already know about gravity. You may wish to have them investigate Newton’s biography  Full Article…


The maths of bar codes

Investigate the maths behind bar codes and QR codes. On-line quiz Create a Pinterest board or a Glog and pin or stick text, images or multimedia that answer some or all of the following questions. All the answers are easily available using a Google search or searching with Wolfram Alpha How many digits does a  Full Article…


Podcast some patterns

You can use podcasting or slidecasting as a way to create and share patterns. Use or similar to generate a list of at least 20 random numbers, use one number per slide and create a presentation, be creative! Add music and upload the results to youtube or vimeo or slideshare. You can do the  Full Article…