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How much water does the ocean contain?

Let the students search on Google Maps to discover if the Earth contains more ocean than land. Explore the water cycle. Ask some questions like ‘Where do you think rain comes from?’, ‘Does it rain every where?’ After students have shared their ideas, they try to find some explanations. In Glogster they will make a  Full Article…


Let’s go into the city

Lesson plan from Italy on Transport… During the morning students will have to carry out the following activities and/or purchases: A newspaper (news stand), A piece of pizza/snack (pizzeria), Exercise book (stationery store), A pair of socks (underwear), A map of the city (tourist office), Leaflet for trip (travel agency), Train schedule for trip (train  Full Article…


Small scale construction

Lesson ideas for Technology from Italy… Students use CAD or similar to design a simple building Students work in groups of  4/5 people with LEGO blocks to make small scale models of simple buildings. The geometric shapes are analysed and designed. Then the students study the proportions in relation to real sizes. The students then  Full Article…