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Photopeach – presentations with added value

Teacher Dan Roberts shares another practical ICT idea to use in the classroom. Photopeach allows you to create your own fabulous photo slideshows. You can upload your own photos to the site, add text, then select your own backing track and add a few funky transitions. I showed Photopeach to my class and set them a  Full Article…


Physical Activity, Health and Leisure: My training plan.

Gain Attention:  With this activity you will be able to know more about how you can create your personal training plan knowing about your physical condition and your heath state. The main goal is: Evaluate your physical condition and state of health (anthropometry) and do a valuation about it. The workflow is: Students get information  Full Article…


Feed your mind

15-18 yrs Overview Learners use Wikipedia to research nutritional value, quality, composition, storage, etc of foods that are usually present in a healthy, balanced diet by relating the demand for calories according to physical and mental exhersion in humans. The students will use the internet to investigate the relationship between BMI, health and diet. You  Full Article…


The Human Race

Age: 12+ yrs Overview: By investigating the most current scientific material regarding human evolution, learners are asked to use their researching, predictive and reporting skills to create a simple web-based thesis on the ‘likely’ future stages of human evolution.  Description: The teacher must decide how much initial information to provide, but it’s probably a good  Full Article…


What is it?

Describe a material in 140 characters on a microblogging site such as Twitter and see if others can guess what the material is without mentioning the word or Chemical symbol. Could do it in groups and see who get the most right.  With younger primary children this could mean giving them some materials such as  Full Article…