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Click to Run I believe that the use of animations and simulations, like those from PhET, enables  the manipulation of parameters and variables in different combinations, and facilitates the questioning of some issues, the systematic study of the causal relationship between variables, the formulation of alternative hypotheses and basis for conclusions. The exploration of a  Full Article…



Father Christmas brought me a great new toy and I  spent most of last weekend playing with Gethin, Ffion, Gweno and Bronwyn (diolch plant!) and the DRAWDIO ‘pen’. Drawdio is another amazing bit of kit from Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum from MIT Lifelong Kindergarten, the same stable as Makey Makey which we featured in  Full Article…


Movies with Moovly

Moovly is another neat way of making fun animations, presentations and posters. Record what you want to say then use the ready made clip arts to illustrate. You can upload your own pictures too. Use it to record explanations of theories or concepts in physics, to describe chemical processes or to tell some science history  Full Article…


SimSound Game

A colleague of mine used the SimSound game ( as an assignment spread out over one month. SimSound is an engaging multimedia game for 11-16 year olds that aims to use the context of music recording to introduce a range of concepts about waves. There are four Sim sound challenges: Fix the guitar riff –  Full Article…


My technology book

In each activity the pupils learn about technical principles like gear and belt drive systems, electrical circuits, energy, textiles technology, food technology…After a technical activity the students make a poster (Glogster), a digital book (Storybird) with the knowledge that they have constructed about that subject. In the next activity they can look up in that  Full Article…