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Blokify – best 3D printer idea. Ever.

Actually, the only reason why I wrote the last post ‘I want one of those’ about 3D printers was that I wanted to post this about Blokify, which actually needs a 3D printer! It is a standing joke in the Pontydysgu office that I am officially boss of toys while the rest of them get on with  Full Article…


I want one of these!!

‘One of these’ being a 3D printer! Have recently been to an exhibition where there were maybe 30 stands demonstrating and selling 3D printers.  Was fascinated by how different they all looked – I mean, a laptop is a laptop is a laptop, whether they have Mac styling or Acer styling or Samsung styling, they  Full Article…


Melody Morph

Eric Rosenbaum, creator of Singing Fingers, is working on a new app called Melody Morph – iPad app for constructing melodies and making improvised music. He says.. “MelodyMorph …. removes a constraint of traditional musical instruments: a fixed mapping between space and pitch. What if you blew up the piano so you could put the keys  Full Article…