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Social Bookmarking

LEARNING OBJECTIVES At the end of this chapter you will be able to: Say what social bookmarking is. 
Explain how it can be an important tool for learning. Set up and use a social bookmarking account. WHAT SOCIAL BOOKMARKING TOOLS DO Social bookmarking tools enable users to store, manage, search, share and organise bookmarks of  Full Article…


Voicethreads / digital conversations

LEARNING OBJECTIVES At the end of this post you will be able to: Say what a voicethread is Create a digital conversation Use voicethreads in your teaching DIGITAL DIALOGUE Digital dialogue is part of everyday life for today’s students. It started with e-mail and text messaging on mobile phones and progressed to instant messaging, Skype,  Full Article…


Put your writer hat on!

Age: 9 -12 yrs Overview The Google Docs/Drive, a sharing and collective writing space is a great tool to promote writing skills. The collaborative construction of text allows reflection on the writing process, because it happens in interaction with peers and with the teacher. The ease of building and reformulating the text also helps the  Full Article…



8+yrs Ease *** Overview: This is a twist on the traditional subject project; it is suitable for creating projects on almost any subject e.g. animals, history or Geography or any specific area within these broader subjects e.g. horses, The Romans or India. In this example, learners were investigating beetles. Description: The learners or the teacher  Full Article…