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Puppet Pals2, recording English scenes on iPads

I´ve used this App on iPads to motivate my students in writing scenes and recording them without being seen. Furthermore it is very motivating as a video with different puppets, backgrounds and vehicles is possible. We had a lot of fun taping and watching. And I`m sure, that the pupils will realize how their language  Full Article…


Instant silence!

I remember Nic Daniels having a thermometer type thing hanging on the wall in his classroom (the sort you see on churches telling people how much money has been raised for the roof restoration fund).  He allocated so much ‘noise’ for each day and each time his class were making too much (inappropriate) noise, he  Full Article…


It’s all about Aurasma!

Augmented Reality in Education- Shaw Wood Primary School uses Aurasma from Serkan AYTAÇ on Vimeo. Use Aurasma to bring learners’ work and displays to life! Basically, this is what happens when QR codes and augmented reality collide! When the chosen photo is scanned by a mobile device, video footage of the learner(s) discussing, acting or  Full Article…


Blapp Snapp Thing Link

My last post was about using Thinglink and I posted a very quick and untested idea with a request for suggestions on how to use it.  Well Julian Wood’s blog @ideas_factory has provided a great example of Thing link being used in the classroom by Wil Baker.  Julian’s blog is full of great ideas and  Full Article…