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Inventions and their inventors in the industrial revolution

Overview Collaborative history lesson for students learning English using Prezi as presentation tool. Description As a warming up activity the students are invited  to turn on their smartphones and launch Kahoot to do a short quiz on the main inventions and inventors of the industrial revolution. Then the teacher presents the Prezi template that he has  Full Article…


Solar Roadways

Aled, one of my teacher friends who reviewed the STEM book, pointed out that the ‘E’ bit (for Engineering) was a bit under represented on the website and in the book. (Aled trained as an engineer and now teaches Design and Technology which was why he felt aggrieved).  By way of reassurance to Aled and  Full Article…


Maths: angles and Keynote

I was looking for a useful subject to introduce the iPads in our Maths lesson. So I chose “angles”. The pupils got a worksheet for each team of 3 to 4 pupils. I got pupils together in teams that would not have chosen each other! I knew that the iPads would be motivating enough to  Full Article…


Puppet Pals2, recording English scenes on iPads

I´ve used this App on iPads to motivate my students in writing scenes and recording them without being seen. Furthermore it is very motivating as a video with different puppets, backgrounds and vehicles is possible. We had a lot of fun taping and watching. And I`m sure, that the pupils will realize how their language  Full Article…


Picture description in English lessons with iPads

During the last weeks we had the chance to use iPads in our lessons. In the English lessons I had an easy and successful start with the use of the App “Keynote”, the integrated camera and the big picture books of our daughter (Wimmelbücher). These books are made of painted pictures with witty scenes from  Full Article…