Physical Activity, Health and Leisure: My training plan.

Gain Attention: 

With this activity you will be able to know more about how you can create your personal training plan knowing about your physical condition and your heath state.

The main goal is:

  • Evaluate your physical condition and state of health (anthropometry) and do a valuation about it.

The workflow is:

  • Students get information about principles of training for what teachers send to their students some spreadsheets that can be used to do necessary operations to calculate and do a personal plan of training (plan made by students). The important information to do the work are in the blog of the classroom.
  • Students make, using web 2.0 tools, a personal plan to improve their physical condition and they publish it in a wiki.
  • Students ask doubts and send their personal plan to be evaluated in Twitter.

Inform learners of objectives: 

In this activity you will:

  • do some practical work.
  • learn how to use wikis, blogs and social networks (Twitter).
  • select important information for you, doing your personal plan.
  • share the results of your work and learn thanks the opinion of others.

Stimulate Recall of Prior Knowledge: 

You must remember simple mathematics formulas to calculate your personal plan.

You must be familiarized with web 2.0 tools.

Provide guidance for learning: 

  • From information provided by the teacher in the blog´s class, know your health state and physical condition.
  • When you know about your physical condition and health state, look in the blog´s class and think what is the best option of training for you.
  • Build using web 2.0 tools your personal training plan. You are free to choose the tool.
  • Share your personal training plan in the wiki of the classroom.
  • Share with others in Twitter your personal plan.
  • Improve your personal training plan thanks the opinion of the others.
  • Help others to improve their personal training plan.

 Present the material: 

Include your work in the wiki’s class and your conclusions in Twitter.

Provide feedback: 

During the process, students will receive feedback in the blog´s class, thorough comments by teachers, In twitter and in the wiki’s class (because teachers and workmates can and must change the work if is wrong).

Enhance retention and transfer: 

  • Use of active methodology.
  • Mix between theorical and practical content.
  • The group work can be used.
  • In Twitter students can continue working and improving their personal plan.
  • They can also help others.

More information in Spanish in:

Activity made by Xabier Mendoza.

Here you are the work of participants in this activity to be included in the TACCLE2 website. Thank you very much for your hard work and for help us to improve the website!!

The opinion of the students

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