Design Your Own Font


In the final activity, students will learn how fonts are deigned by creating their very own! is an excellent tool for creating complete fonts in upper and lower case lettering.


Tell students that they are going to design a font to be used when submitting their next project, portfolio, assignment or essay. Again, the font should reflect the subject of the work so they will need to brainstorm the desired characteristics. When they’ve done this, ask them to experiment by making draft compositions in their sketchbooks.

When they are reasonably happy, ask them to register an account on

Again, they will need some time to experiment with the software and to watch the introductory screencast (find it by clicking the yellow ‘Learn More’ button). They should design a complete font (lowercase and uppercase letters) and, if necessary, they can design numbers too.

Time needed 3 hours.


Hints and tips

  • All the letters should have the same characteristics and therefore form a cohesive overall font.
  • The designed letters should be easy to read.

–> Typography

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