Motivated by Music


In this activity the students create a second digital artefact inspired by their favourite music. They will also react on line to the creations of other students.


Create another assignment in PicMonkey (or the image editing application of your choice). In the prompt ask students to interpret their favourite song. Put the photo prompt up on the community page and let them react. They can sing, hum, dance, use real and improvised instruments and so on. They can even record a new video clip for the song. They can work in groups if they can compromise on a song.

Let the students upload the result to the community page and invite other students to react. You are now allowing students to comment on line, which is different from giving feedback in a classroom. You can use this opportunity to discuss the relevant aspects of digital citizenship.

Time needed At least 4 hours.


  • The students can use audioBoom (formerly AudioBoo) for a sound recording. For video editing you can use Windows Movie Maker, iMovie or one of the online video-editors.

  • To upload audio to the Google+ community use the AudioBoo link. To upload video to the community use the video manager function in YouTube.

Hints and tips

  • As teachers we often like to choose software that we are familiar with (makes sense), but in this case give the students some leverage to see what they can come up with. You want them to express themselves artistically, so don’t put on too many constraints.

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