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“A work of art is, above all, an adventure of the mind”


Pupils read, perform and document themes and images from a selected poem to enhance the kinaesthetic approach to learning. Each learner/group of learners create a Pinterest board based on a poem of their choice. We used The Lady of Shalott by Alfred Lord Tennyson.


You can either use one poem or read several with the class and allow learners to choose the one that inspires them. After whole-class reading and discussion of the poem, learners should be separated into groups where they’ll decide how best to present the poem in tableaux.

Most groups will decide to have each member represent a different character from the poem with some taking on multiple, smaller, roles. They must decide who gets which words from the poem to perform during the tableaux. They should then rehearse the oral presentation thoroughly.

To finish, introduce learners to so that they can see how diverse the subjects and topics people have chosen to represent using an online pin-board. Discuss the software’s strengths (visual, concise, personal) and weaknesses (still images only, difficult to adjust order of ‘pins’).

Explain that they will have a set amount of time to create a pin-board to represent their poem, that it can be as abstract or literal as they wish. For ideas, show them similar (but not identical!) boards e.g.


What do I need?

  • performance space
  • internet access
  • membership to Pinterest
  • choice of poem(s)

Added Value:

This activity will help learners appreciate the inherent ability poetry has always had to inspire works across the arts and how it can continue to do so in a technological age.

Hints and tips:

If learners have difficulty uploading to Pinterest, encourage them to seek advice under the ‘About’ tab. It is usually due to Pinterest preferring uploads via Safari rather than Internet Explorer. To download Safari go to: or search a suitable download.


If learners search for anything remotely inappropriate on Pinterest, they will be presented with the following warning: Reminder: Pinterest does not allow nudity. Pinning or repinning photographs displaying breasts, buttocks or genitalia may result in the termination of your Pinterest account.

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