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Production Programmes often consist of a few pieces of information, briskly jotted down by a teacher at 2 am in the morning on the day of the performance! Give them a new twist by asking students to create a podcast to inform the audience of the production information. This has the added benefit that you won’t have to prepare it yourself – joy!


Establish a team of students to research the play, the actors etc. Let them create a short feature that documents the whole process in an ‘access all areas’ style film! All they’ll need is a recording tool like the Zoom H-1, software like Animoto and an enthusiastic team with lots of imagination! At this point you may want to draught teachers in to help e.g. language department teachers are usually game and often take the whole thing off your hands!

Before the performance the podcast can be downloaded by the audience via the school website, either on a device at home or on a mobile device after they’ve taken their seats in the theatre.

Time needed It will take a few weeks to collect the information and footage and then a few hours to edit everything into a film.


Hints and tips

  • If you prefer a hardcopy, you can use websites like http://www.thenewspaperclub.com to create professional looking programmes that are easy for students to create. Animoto does limit the length of each clip you want to use so ensure that footage is cut to the desired length before it is uploaded to the site.


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