Prompting your peers


In this activity, students develop their understanding of what makes an effective photo prompt. In groups, they create new photo prompts for their peers.


The students now understand how a photo prompt works. Let them reflect on what you need to make a good prompt. What makes them striking or effective? Are they thought provoking? Humorous? Innovative?

Using their conclusions as a starting point, explain to them that they are going to work in groups to create a series of photo prompts. As a teacher you can give them a specific subject or allow them a bit more freedom. Remember we’re talking arts & culture here.

Divide the class into small groups. They can either create their own community or blog or just continue with the same one. You can let these groups work together in ‘real time’ but they could also communicate via a digital platform if you wish to set the task for homework. Remind them of where they can find copyright free images (see Resources and Tools) if they’re not using their own.

Time needed 3-4 hours.


  • Wiggio is a great communication platform.

  • Use the Creative Commons search engine to find copyright free images or check out

Hints and tips

  • We cannot emphasise enough the importance of using copyright-free images, especially if you are posting them on a public platform.

  • Try to be supportive without guiding too much.

  • Use this activity to assess how much they’ve learnt so far.


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