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When performance day arrives, don’t let it pass without being captured for posterity! The whole team will have worked for weeks (or even months!) and it is great for them to have a memento of the occasion. If you are performing several times, it’s good to ensure ‘the buzz’ is maintained by having students on hand to publicise the success of the debut performance. It’s also good to get feedback – it can help improve future performances and productions.


Ask a team of students to film the action at and around the stage! Often the performers and the pupils involved are so focused that they are unable to really appreciate the scale and effectiveness of the production. Creating a ‘fly on the wall’ or ‘live at the…’ style video means the performers can sit back and relax whilst enjoying the whole thing when the show is over (popcorn is optional).

It’s also great for parents to have something to keep and enjoy afterwards. Many schools create a DVD and sell it to parents for a small amount – this is great for raising funds to make future productions bigger and better! Promo videos can also be used to recruit new people for future arts projects.

After the event use the internet to get a feedback on your pupils’ performance. Sites like Voicethread or Padlet are a great way to collect messages. Of course, there is a possibility that rude comments will be made which is where the editorial team (set up in Station 3) could be used to clean up any undesirable comments before others see them.

Time needed The film will need some practice and preparation before the performance but post-production should only take a few hours if students are guided and supervised.


  • Video cameras or mobile phones.
  • Computers with Internet access.
  • Informal on line feedback tools like Voicethread, Padlet etc.

Hints and tips

  • Filming a performance is a challenging task and means that students will need an understanding of camera angles, close-ups, microphones and sound etc. Let your filming crew practice as much as possible before the event itself (see station 2).

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