Video Vibes


Students are asked to create a short video clip that expresses the ‘mood’ of the urban area considered through its graffiti – this could include the social, emotional, economical context that the graffiti artist is influenced by. The videos will include the students’ photos, soundtrack and some additional material they consider appropriate e.g. text, images found on line, maps etc.


In order to create a simple video clip we suggest using Windows Movie Maker. Usually Windows Movie Maker is installed by default on a PC. If you do not already have Windows Moviemaker on your computer you can to download it from the web. The download is free but WMM is only available for Windows systems. Mac users can use other free software like iMovie.

Let your students explore the application. The menu includes the usual tabs like ‘file’, ‘edit’, ‘view’ etc. Depending on your students’ general competence in using IT, it may be necessary to give a tutorial on the interactive whiteboard AND allow them to create a ‘practice version’ before they start on the real thing. When the video is complete and the students are satisfied you need to go to the ‘Export as’ tab and choose a suitable option.

Time needed 3-4 hours.


Hints and tips

  • The length of the video should be 3-4 minutes.

  • You have to consider that video editing usually requires high performance computers.


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