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Using everything they’ve learnt, students use graphic illustrations as a campaign tactic to publicise an issue that is important to them. This could be a local cause e.g. the building of a new road or houses on the site of ancient woodland or a global issue e.g. the impact of palm oil production on the environment and wildlife.


Ask students to brainstorm current affairs issues that they feel strongly about. You’ll need to decide if the topic is appropriate or not. For example, religion may or may not be appropriate for the age of the pupils or your teaching context. But there are a thousand other, less contentious issues out there so, if you prefer, you can provide them with a list from which they can choose.

Having researched the issue, they should keep a record of the key words and phrases that they could use as graphic illustrations e.g. Palm Oil Kills. Using the illustration software, they should compose a short and snappy campaign message and use the illustration tools (font, colour, size, weight etc.) to add impact to their message. They should keep their target message and target audience in mind throughout and remember that it should make people stop and think.

They should then share their message with classmates and ask if they’ve influenced any of them to think again about the issue.

Time needed 3 hours.


  • Adobe Illustrator or similar.

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