Xtranormal Ways

  • Consolidate previous lessons on voice work, character and themes in a set text. Students create an extra scene (for example, in Blood Brothers, they could write the scene in which Mrs. Lyons tells Eddie about Linda’s affair).  They write the dialogue and record their own voice work to present to the class.
  • As an unusual way to present ideas on plot, get students to try summarising whole scenes or even whole plays in a short space. For example, can they tell the whole of Act I of Romeo and Juliet in five dialogue boxes? You could give each group a different Act, and at the end of the lesson show each in order for an entertaining summary of the play they have created themselves.
  • Similarly, as part of a genre study, can they create an ‘action movie’ in five boxes? Again, give each group a different genre as a fun introduction to thinking about plot, character and narrative. To make it easier you could create your own to show them first.
  • Students could create interview scenarios in which they ‘hotseat’ characters from a set text.
  • After studying advertisements, students could create their own.

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