CS2: Communication in foreign languages

Core Skill 2

Core Skill

Communication in foreign languages

K= Knowledge

S= Skill

A= Attitude

EQF 3-4

EQF 5-6

Communication in foreign languages broadly shares the main skill dimensions of communication in the mother tongue: it is based on the ability to understand, express and interpret concepts, thoughts, feelings, facts and opinions in both oral and written form (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in an appropriate range of societal and cultural contexts (in education and training, work, home and leisure) according to one’s wants or needs. Communication in foreign languages also calls for skills such as mediation and intercultural understanding. An individual’s level of proficiency will vary between the four dimensions (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and between the different languages, and according to that individual’s social and cultural background, environment, needs and/or interests.

1 Knowledge of vocabulary (K)

Get definitions and improve your English vocabulary with the Professor Word bookmarklet.

Use the adaptive method of Vocabulary.com to expand your knowledge of English words.

2 Reading & understanding authentic texts (S)

Simplify what you’re reading with Rewordify.

Collect and share articles related to a specific subject in your personal Flipboard magazine.

3 Self correction (S)

Make your writing active and clear with the Hemingway app.

Let Storytoolz analyze your writing and bust clichés.

4 initiate, sustain and conclude conversations (S)

Create cartoons with conversational speech acts using Wittycomics.

Hold a Google Hangout with native speakers from the language you are learning.

5 interaction in the foreign language (S)

Practice with native speakers in the Livemocha community.

Look for a perfect language match on Easy Language Exchange.

6 Understand authentic spoken messages (S)

Choose a video, write down what you hear with videonot.es and share the notes through Google Drive.

Add captions to YouTube videos to prove your understanding and make them more accessible.

7 Producing texts in the foreign language (S)

Choose a photoprompt that inspires you and start writing or create your own prompt with PicMonkey and share it with the group.

Write stories in Medium and immediately connect with an audience.

8 Interest and curiosity in intercultural communication (A)

Create a short comic with Pixton to help people avoid cultural misunderstandings.

Listen to people from all over the world telling stories on Cowbird and create one yourself.