Gwefannau i ymweld a nhw…

Mae nifer o wefannau da iawn yn bodoli ar gyfer athrawon sydd am ddysgu mwy am e-ddysgu. Dyma rai fel man cychwyn. Os gwyddwch chi am ragor, rhowch wybod i ni!

Times Education Supplement (TES)

UK English language site which has a host of general interest articles as well as a separate section for classroom resources.  No particular focus on e-learning but if you look in the resources section you will find that some ideas are tagged as ICT


Is the home page of the Welsh Taccle2 partners and covers a broad range of topics around e-learning. There is a separate page for classroom teachers looking for practical ideas called Chalkface. We always welcome guest articles and posts.


An English language American site with lots of ready made technology-based activities for (mainly) primary children. Tends to focus on pre-programmed games and activities rather than social software but great for instant ideas. Navigation is a bit of a nightmare but suspect that’s in part because it reflects different education system

Twig Films

A fabulous (English language) site of free science films. They are not interactive but great lesson starters in physics, chemistry, biology and earth sciences and if you click on the blog tab, it shows you how to download images relating to the video. The blog is also very good with lots of ideas for activities.

Kids National Geographic

We love this site – all the best of the National Geographic magazine but written in kidspeak and complete with all the games and activities that keep them interested. Best ever single-site resource for geography and very good for natural history.

Common Sense Media

This site deals with all aspects of internet safety – for teachers, parents and kids. Very comprehensive – resources, tools, detailed lesson plans, multimedia materials and activities. If we have any criticism, it’s that the site is very ‘American’ and a bit over-the-top in terms of its approach. You could be forgiven for thinking the internet and web-based applications are fraught with danger at every step and it could scare teachers away from EVER trying anything out. However, if teachers take a sensible approach, reflecting their own culture and values, and take their pick of the materials on offer, it’s a site full of ideas that can save you a lot of time.