Inventions and their inventors in the industrial revolution


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Collaborative history lesson for students learning English using Prezi as presentation tool.


As a warming up activity the students are invited  to turn on their smartphones and launch Kahoot to do a short quiz on the main inventions and inventors of the industrial revolution. Then the teacher presents the Prezi template that he has prepared in advance to the class. Some slides already contain basic information like the names of the inventors. The students are split into small groups and are assigned the work: one inventor for each group of 2 or 3 students. Each group should work on:

  1. The biography of the inventors: they have to upload a picture and prepare an interview with their inventor and perform the roleplay in front of the class.
  2. The description of their invention: upload (a) picture(s) and write a text on the slide(s).
  3. The invention´s influence on people´s lives using pictures and oral comments.

For the evaluation, each group prepares a quiz about what they have presented using either Kahoot or another app (Socrative).

Other Ideas

  • The warming up can also be a game (LearningApp) where the students have to put important inventions in the right order. (Example:
  • If the school is well-equipped your students can also be asked to produce a podcast instead of a roleplay.

What Do I Need?

  • Each group needs at least one computer to prepare their presentation.
  • All students should bring their own mobile device.
  • A classroom equipped with WiFi , a beamer or an IWB.

Hints & Tips

  • Make sure that students are able to use Prezi and Kahoot.
  • Include 10 minutes in your timetable to teach them the basics if necessary.

Added Value

  • From a historical point of view, students can improve their knowledge on the age of the industrial revolution and its relevance to modern life.
  • They learn how to work in a collaborative way.
  • They acquire more ICT abilities and improve their oral and writing skills.

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