Virtual field trips

Google Street View is great for snooping around places you’ve never been to but did you know that you can sail down the Amazon, explore the Great Barrier Reef, look inside the Iwame Silver Mine, see Scott’s hut in Antarctica or wander around Stone Henge?


Other exciting images are this shipwreck off the coast of Sudan

Images courtesy of Google Maps


And the remains of this 2,000 year old Roman Villa. 

Image courtesy of Google Maps


For more info check out these blogs by Mashable;  Amazing discoveries  and Street view .


2 Responses to “Virtual field trips”

  1. nic daniels
    nic daniels October 22, 2012 at 16:47 #

    This is especially good because a teacher cannot take learners on field trips in every subject every term! So whilst you may take learners, say, to the Museum of Welsh Life as pasrt of a history topic, you can still take them on virtual geography, science and other field trips online! Also, being able to show them places, people and things that are beyond the scope of regular field trips e.g. The Great Barrier Reef, is a huge boon.

  2. Marta Alcaraz Sánchez October 31, 2012 at 13:02 #

    A good methodological resource for the teachers, because they can explain so much of theoretical form, since of visual form the contents of the subjects. A teacher of geography can explain rivers, seas, mountains, valleys, cities of interest and in turn the pupils podran observe them of visual form.
    The pupils need to be able to learn the things seeing them, everything is learned better if you see it and familiarize yourself with him.

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