WAW! Where are we today?

Start the day by choosing a city or area with some well known land marks, use Google Earth, project onto whiteboard and zoom down to street level (so that you can still see a few km of the city – depending on the landmarks) then ask the children to guess what city or area it is. Extend this to ’20 questions’ (or 10 – depending on how much time and how easy). So children may ask..

Is it in the UK?

Is it in Europe?

Is it hot?

Does it have any famous buildings?

Once they have guessed the city, if you like, you could visit some of the buildings.

As the creator* of this idea said

“Well it didn’t take long for a couple of children to guess it was Rome.” I then zoomed out a little and switched on the 3D Buildings layer and we looked at the Collosseum. The children were enthralled as we panned and zoomed into the ancient structure. We even navigated so we were standing on one of the terraces of the great amphitheatre.”

* Please claim this as yours if you see it! I have used it successfully (thanks!) but I don’t know who posted it originally

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