Jenny Hughes

I’m Jen Hughes. I work for Pontydysgu – a small company based in Pontypridd in Wales and Bremen in Germany. My job on the Taccle 2 project is to edit the books and write the final copy once we have all decided what is going to go in them.

I was a Maths teacher (11-16) and then moved into teacher training. I have been excited about e-learning for about 7 years and most recently have been having a lot of fun playing e-learning with primary age children!

I was talking to some colleagues last night and reflecting that I started off teaching in higher education, then worked in VET, then I edited the last Taccle handbook because I was interested in e-learning in secondary schools. Now I do a lot of work in primary schools and I am interested in BabiTech, a site my colleague Angela has set up, looking at how babies and pre-schoolers interact with technology.  I seem to be regressing as I get older!!

(by the way, there is also a Facebook BabiTech page. If you have small children, please contribute!)


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