A few reflections on the Lisbon meeting (Katleen)

TACCLE 2 is my first European project and I must say that I was very impressed by the many facets of the project and by everybody’s experience with  and insights on e-learning. I’m very happy to be part of this group, I already took a lot of things into my classroom and being a teacher myself, I’m already really looking forward to those books!

Being a “freshman” , I’m not feeling a 100% comfortable to comment  on the Lisbon meeting, but here are some cautious thoughts.

For me the discussions in the whole group were not productive enough and quite tiresome. When we splitted up in smaller groups, discussions went smoother, activities were produced, outline of the STEM book got agreed on,… I think that everybody left the meeting room a lot more satisfied that afternoon. Maybe it will be possible to work in those little “think tanks” in Murcia (third meeting) too? If possible put some very specific topics on the agenda, so everybody can prepare a few things, taking advantage of every partner’s expertise?

I think it’s also very important that there is good communication in between the “live meetings”, to make sure that every partner knows exactly what is expected. Maybe here also, we can take in to account each partner’s strenghts (research, acces to research outcomes, teaching on different levels with different learners, remedial teaching,,…).?

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