Picture vocabulary

800px-Vegetables_0006Just a very quick idea for teaching foreign language vocabulary – give children a series of words and ask them to type each one into Google images. Work out what the word means from the pictures.

If you want to extend this activity, download one of the pictures and add it to a scrapbook programme like Smilebox or to a pinboard like Pinterest or Padlet and write the word underneath together with any other useful information such as the plural, gender, part of speech etc. More fun than the traditional ‘vocabulary book’.

If you want to have a go – type these into Google images and work out what they mean without resorting to Google translate.

llysiau, tatws, blodfresych, cennin, planhigyn ŵy.

Note – you may find that you need to tell children to put a word in the search box first,  in order to see the Google image tab come up. Then after they have clicked on ‘images’, they can start putting their vocabulary in without seeing the main search page again.

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