CannonBasket: How to learn maths with a bowl’s cannon

Gain Attention: 

With this activity you will be able to create a bowl’s cannon and this tool allows you to deep into angles world and collaborate with others students and schools to share your project.

To complete this activity you will have to:

  • Work in a group of four students.
  • Learn to measure and calculate angles in maths through a real experience.
  • Build a cannon from recycled tools.
  • Use ITC to collaborate with other students from other schools.

Inform learners of objectives: 

In this activity you will

  • do some practical work.
  • learn how to use wikis and blogs.
  • learn how to collaborate.

Provide guidance for learning: 

From manual provided by the teacher in the blog´s class, built with our group a cannon using everyday items.

Test your cannon launching balls and measuring the angle described by reference to the place of the fall.

Perform measurements and applied systems of equations needed to obtain the trajectory.

Get the formula and share the experience of your groups (and photos) in a wiki.

When you have found out all the results of other results of other schools, use the class blog to debate thorough comments on the experience and results.

Present the material: 

Include your conclusions in your own blog group.

Enhance retention and transfer:

At the end, each group have to write in their blogs their experience and everyone write a comment in this post answering the following questions:

  • Did you like this activity?
  • Why or why not?
  • In your opinion, Wich is the different between use blog to present your content or other form?
  • Do you like continuous working in your blog?

Activity Made by Carlos Morales Socorro (IES Valesequillo. Gran Canaria. Spain).


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