Make a time line with pictures of dinosaurs using Prezi. With younger children you can construct the template and select the background so that children can ‘drop in’ pictures of dinosaurs they have collected. Older children can do it themselves. Or children can draw the dinosaurs, photograph them and save as jpeg images that you can add to your class Prezi along with their notes about the different dinosaurs.  The great thing about Prezi is that the ‘objects’ that you add to your presentation can be moved independently and you can zoom in and out so that you can discuss how long ago particular dinosaurs lived in a class plenary and create the timeline on the fly.  Or you could do the same but ranking according to size etc

Prezi is a free presentation application, a bit perplexing to start with but if you stick with one template until you have mastered that one, it gets easier. It knocks the spots off Powerpoint or Keynote.  Prezi has several advantages over ‘traditional’ presentation software

1- it is not linear but multidimensional

2- you can create a presentation on a huge canvas and move from one spot on the canvas to another

3 – you can zoom in and out

….and you can click on objects to get text / video / music etc. (you can do this with Powerpoint and Keynote but the interface is not so good)

If you want to see what Prezi can do, have a look at this! 

Nic has tried this out and produced a full lesson plan.

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  1. Iulian October 22, 2012 at 22:05 #

    I can imagine myself using Prezi after a proper training (I am not a visual person). But I can’t imagine using it with kids. Does anyone have a real experience who wants to share step-by-step?

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