Small scale construction

The brick wall (free wallpaper)

Lesson ideas for Technology from Italy…

Students use CAD or similar to design a simple building

Students work in groups of  4/5 people with LEGO blocks to make small scale models of simple buildings.

The geometric shapes are analysed and designed.

Then the students study the proportions in relation to real sizes.

The students then publish pictures of their finished products alongside the plans.

Main subject areas and topics covered

Mathematics: geometrical shapes and basic relationships (for example relationships between angles and sides, between sides and sides, calculation of area and volume, relationships of scales and equivalences,…)

Computers: design processing

Physics: statics, balance of the force and body

Security elements: attention not to get hurt during the work.

How to do it

Students build small scale buildings with LEGO.

They carry out the design of what was made and they compare it to full scale.

The artifact should then be built with pipes and plastic sheets using the correct dimensions. To join the pipes you will need joints, sleeves and adhesive/glue.



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