Solar Roadways

Aled, one of my teacher friends who reviewed the STEM book, pointed out that the ‘E’ bit (for Engineering) was a bit under represented on the website and in the book. (Aled trained as an engineer and now teaches Design and Technology which was why he felt aggrieved).  By way of reassurance to Aled and his fellow engineers – there is no conspiracy or discrimination going on here but we are a bit short on people who know anything about engineering!  However, I do have engineers in the family and thanks to their input, here is an idea I tried recently.

Show your class the following video.

Split them into groups and give them a mobile device. They have 30 minutes to walk around the neighbourhood videoing  locations where they think solar roadway could be used.  Create a customised Google Earth Map and add the videos together with text explaining the benefits in no more than (say) 3 or 4 lines. Think of another use for solar roadway that is not mentioned in the You Tube video and create a PowToon presentation to explain your idea to the rest of the class (limit the presentations to about 2 minutes).


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