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My technology book

In each activity the pupils learn about technical principles like gear and belt drive systems, electrical circuits, energy, textiles technology, food technology…After a technical activity the students make a poster (Glogster), a digital book (Storybird) with the knowledge that they have constructed about that subject. In the next activity they can look up in that  Full Article…


How much water does the ocean contain?

Let the students search on Google Maps to discover if the Earth contains more ocean than land. Explore the water cycle. Ask some questions like ‘Where do you think rain comes from?’, ‘Does it rain every where?’ After students have shared their ideas, they try to find some explanations. In Glogster they will make a  Full Article…


Tin-foil hats

Here’s an interesting piece of research you may wish to share with your class On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study There’s an accompanying website here too! This work was done back in 2005 so after reading the information on the website and the published research you could challenge your class to  Full Article…


A physics experiment for a special day

What you need: Devices: You need a webcamera or just a mobile device to record the experiment Web 2.0: Youtube, find proper music with CC licensed (go to, Glogster to create  a poster See the experiment here: More activities here


House of Cards

Overview Learners will have already begun to investigate how humans rely on other organisms for survival. Here, they will begin to apply this knowledge and understanding to life in other countries with different levels of economic development. Description As quick warm up, invite one learner to come to the front of the class to build  Full Article…