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The maths of bar codes

Investigate the maths behind bar codes and QR codes. On-line quiz Create a Pinterest board or a Glog and pin or stick text, images or multimedia that answer some or all of the following questions. All the answers are easily available using a Google search or searching with Wolfram Alpha How many digits does a  Full Article…



Glogster is a perfect tool for pupils to present or communicate information. You can use it for creating posters, fact files, project boards or ‘how to…’ instructions. It also serves as a good entry level activity to blogging.  You can put text, images, audio and video files on your Glog and add hyperlinks as well  Full Article…


Light and shadows

Here’s a great primary school resource from BBC schools about light and shadows – it’s a game you can play in groups or as a class. Before you play the game try out all or some of these introductory activities Brainstorm a list of things that ‘give out light’. (List everything learners suggest, even if  Full Article…