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Environmental river project

Thanks to teacher Chris Smit for this one… Use Google Earth for an environmental river project. Locate the source of a river and follow it to the mouth, entering a sea or lake Use the altitude information on Google to calculate the difference in altitude between the origin and the mouth Mark all geographical spots  Full Article…


Shakespeare on the map

Another idea from the “Interesting Ways to…” teachers “Use Google Earth as an introduction to Shakespeare. Visit Stratford upon Avon and find the house that he was born in. Zoom over to the banks of the Thames, switch on the 3D building layer and load up the Globe Theatre model. Explore the inside structure of the theatre, with  Full Article…


Line and path maths in primary

Quentin D’Souza on says “Use the Line and Path measurement tools to find distances that are challenging to measure.” I have used this in maths with an extra bit.  Find a regular shaped feature on a map – say a football pitch – and ask children to measure it using the line and path function.  Full Article…


WAW! Where are we today?

Start the day by choosing a city or area with some well known land marks, use Google Earth, project onto whiteboard and zoom down to street level (so that you can still see a few km of the city – depending on the landmarks) then ask the children to guess what city or area it  Full Article…


My Google Earth Life

Get children to create a virtual autobiography. They make placemarks at any location of significance then edit the placemarks to add stories, photos, videos, or URLs This can be where they were born (maybe they can take a digital photo of their birth certificate) the house(s) they have lived in,  playgroups or schools they attended, where  Full Article…