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Presentation sharing software

LEARNING OBJECTIVES At the end of this chapter you will be able to: Say what presentation sharing software is for Use presentation sharing sites to find presentations you could use or adapt Upload a presentation of your own to a presentation sharing site WHAT IS PRESENTATION SHARING? The availability of Software such as PowerPoint has  Full Article…


Podcast some patterns

You can use podcasting or slidecasting as a way to create and share patterns. Use or similar to generate a list of at least 20 random numbers, use one number per slide and create a presentation, be creative! Add music and upload the results to youtube or vimeo or slideshare. You can do the  Full Article…


Today’s reporter

Another idea from Belgium…Carine says it gives children a chance to reflect on the things that happened during a day and provides an opportunity for individuals to share their personal perspective on the different activities they have engaged in. It also helps children learn about how their day is structured. She adds “And it’s always great to  Full Article…