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Wordle for Christmas

Just been reading the comment from Meinir Morris on using Wordles to make Christmas cards. She says: “Defnyddiais ‘Wordle’ fel modd i gasglu a chyflwyno ansoddeiriau i ddisgrifio noson tan gwyllt – roedd y plant wrth eu boddau yn gweld ei gwaith ar y sgrin ac yn hoffi’r ffaith bod ei gwaith yn edrych mor  Full Article…


Wordle Ways (for teaching literature)

Wordles are particularly suited to short activities such as warm-ups or as prerunners/introductions to larger discussions and tasks. They are also an eyecatching way of presenting familiar terms for revision/introduction. Here are some possibilities:     Why not start a class with some wordles made from different Shakespeare tragedies and see if they can guess  Full Article…