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Physical Activity, Health and Leisure: My training plan.

Gain Attention:  With this activity you will be able to know more about how you can create your personal training plan knowing about your physical condition and your heath state. The main goal is: Evaluate your physical condition and state of health (anthropometry) and do a valuation about it. The workflow is: Students get information  Full Article…


10 days of…math tweets

 Description An idea for using twitter to crowd source answers to mathematical questions. In a period of ten days you can ask each student to tweet one question relating to maths or science. The content of the tweet should be a picture (taken somewhere in the student’s neighbourhood) with a question. This way you can  Full Article…



A lesson plan from Germany where students use web2.0 tools to debate the uses of Nanotechnology. Description: The pupils should decide in groups on the funding of five projects which cover different areas of research. Only three projects can get the funding. How to do it: students are confronted with the complex topic They are  Full Article…


Tweets from Lisbon

Thought you might like to see the tweets from the Lisbon meeting!   jenhughes ‏ ‪@jenhughes #taccle2 Winding down – brain sprain, worked hard today. Nearly beer o’clock!   María Mar Sánchez ‏ ‪@mallemar #taccle2 working in another example to Primary book   jenhughes ‏ ‪@jenhughes #taccle2 some constipation in the processes yesterday that we  Full Article…


Grown ups couldn’t spell either!

Use your Twitter network and get the children to compose a tweet such as #YsgolEvanJames What was the word you had most problems spelling when you were in school? or  #class4Newtownprimary What word do you still find difficulty in spelling?”  (ask your friends to retweet to their networks as well) Get the children to make  Full Article…