Doe mee

If you would like to join the Taccle community and contribute to this website and to the Taccle2 books, send us your ideas and your comments.  All of the activities have been tested by real teachers in their classrooms but we are particularly keen to get feedback from other people who have tried out these activities with any adaptions or useful tips they can share – even if it’s to say something DIDN’T work!

Some of the ideas we have included are those already suggested by other teachers.  When we have their names we have included them.  However, there are a few that we have posted because we think they are great ideas but we don’t actually know the source! Good ideas spread and get adapted but if you spot one that you think was your brainwave – let us know and we’ll be delighted to add your name.

For those of you interested in contributing an activity to the website, please use the form below.  We can then load it up on the site in the appropriate place. Don’t worry if it doesn’t match any of the existing tabs – we can always add more!  We would also like to be able to include teachers contributions in the print version of the books but we’ll get back to you if we want to do this.

This post is also available in: Engels, Italiaans, Portugees, Portugal, Roemeens, Welsh