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Documentary Divas

Overview In pairs, learners prepare, film and present a short ‘fly-on-the-wall’ documentary. One learner takes the role of the ‘star’ or ‘diva’ (popular choices include Marilyn Monroe, King Henry VIII and Dylan Thomas), the other takes the role of interviewer/film maker. This activity tests learners’ improvisation skills whilst also giving them the safety net of  Full Article…


Musical Monologues

Overview Students can feel very self-conscious if asked to sing alone, yet it can be difficult to assess their singing ability in any other way. Ironically, everyone enjoys singing, even if only in private! This activity is relatively non-threatening because it is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It can be done in groups  Full Article…


Audio Actors

Overview Learners begin to understand the key features of performing on the radio and to experience the roles of researcher, technician, actor, writer, producer, director and manager. Depending on which aspects you want the students to concentrate on, this unit usually requires three to five lessons in order to do it justice. By the end  Full Article…


Pinterest Poem

“A work of art is, above all, an adventure of the mind” Overview Pupils read, perform and document themes and images from a selected poem to enhance the kinaesthetic approach to learning. Each learner/group of learners create a Pinterest board based on a poem of their choice. We used The Lady of Shalott by Alfred  Full Article…



PROJECT Curricular Areas: Language & Literacy, Art, Drama, Dance, Music, Careers and ICT. Learning Opportunities & Skills: Reading, performing, interpreting, presenting, writing, collaboration, role-play, choreography, organising and leadership. Description Using stimuli from a range of genres, both classical and contemporary, learners are given the opportunity to develop a host of performance skills. As the title suggests, students  Full Article…


Going Live!

Overview Finally, students are encouraged to share their videos with others in order to receive feedback and comments. Giving students an audience is important in order to give their work a context and a tangible goal. Description An essential part of the process is to share the results of the students’ work. It is important  Full Article…