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Movies with Moovly

Moovly is another neat way of making fun animations, presentations and posters. Record what you want to say then use the ready made clip arts to illustrate. You can upload your own pictures too. Use it to record explanations of theories or concepts in physics, to describe chemical processes or to tell some science history  Full Article…


Voicethreads / digital conversations

LEARNING OBJECTIVES At the end of this post you will be able to: Say what a voicethread is Create a digital conversation Use voicethreads in your teaching DIGITAL DIALOGUE Digital dialogue is part of everyday life for today’s students. It started with e-mail and text messaging on mobile phones and progressed to instant messaging, Skype,  Full Article…


Telling, Retelling and Recreating

Age: 8 – 12 yrs Overview The PhotoStory is a free software from Microsoft that allows you to make videos from a collection of images, to which you can add sound (narration, music) and motion (effects and transitions). It is an excellent tool for working with young children for being very easy to use. The  Full Article…


My rights as a reader

Age: 9 – 12 yrs Overview VoiceThread is a tool dedicated to the creation of multimedia presentations mixing voice, text and image all in one. But it’s most interesting feature is the possibility of having a group discussion around the presentation, by integrating several audio and video comments on the document itself. Description The teacher  Full Article…