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Image sharing

LEARNING OBJECTIVES At the end of this post you will be able to: Describe what image hosting and sharing applications are. Say why they are necessary. 
Explain how they work. 
Search for and use images from an image-hosting site. Upload images to an image hosting site WHAT THEY ARE Image sharing site is a generic  Full Article…


Small scale construction

Lesson ideas for Technology from Italy… Students use CAD or similar to design a simple building Students work in groups of  4/5 people with LEGO blocks to make small scale models of simple buildings. The geometric shapes are analysed and designed. Then the students study the proportions in relation to real sizes. The students then  Full Article…


Enjoy bike riding

Lesson plan from Italy… Students research the history of bikes and their shapes and compile a list of the component parts with pictures. These could be published using a photo sharing tool such as Flickr. This activity could be combined with a physics lesson in which students verify that if the bike is stationary it is  Full Article…